Let me read you a story …

I'm counting down to the 20 August launch party for Goodbye Newsroom. It's going to be a wonderful celebration, with friends, family, readers and supporters in the room. Over the years I've done a lot of public speaking, but nothing like this. Usually, I am addressing a classroom of students or delivering a speech on … Continue reading Let me read you a story …

Amateurish Bookish

This is a piece I've also shared on Medium... I’ve gotta lift my book game. I’m currently reading a paisley pink-covered novel, while wearing flower-patterned pants, a grey t-shirt, and black-and-blue checked flannel shirt. It’s a ghastly clash and, clearly, I’ll need to tear it all off and begin again before I venture out into the … Continue reading Amateurish Bookish

Cover reveal + soul reveal

Time flies when you're self-publishing. I had promised followers that I would share the beautiful cover of Goodbye Newsroom here soon. In the meantime, I found the book became quickly available to buy online - in places ranging from Amazon to Kobo to GoodReads. Those listings, of course, revealed the cover! So my book is … Continue reading Cover reveal + soul reveal