Michelle Prak is author of The Train Guy and Goodbye Newsroom.

Goodbye Newsroom and The Train Guy novels

Reviews for The Train Guy:

The Train Guy book cover“This book sucked me in from the first page. It was very easy to read. I loved Charli.”

“Perfect rom-com tension and surprise.”

“A quirky little Australian rom-com that takes the concept of seeing the same stranger daily and having a little fantasy life about that person to a whole new level.”

“THE TRAIN GUY by Michelle Prak is a fun read! I loved spending time inside Charli Reid’s mind. Her curiosity about her fellow commuters, her lusting after one of them (The Train Guy), her daydreaming about their fantasy future life, plus all the weird and wacky random thoughts going through her mind had me laughing often.”

“The book follows Charli along her life…mostly her work and travel to and from work…including her fantasies about ‘The Train Guy’. Does she ever talk to the Train Guy? Does the Train Guy live up to the hype? You’ll want to read this to find out! Charli is so relatable, especially for us shy introverts. I really enjoyed reading this and kept wanting to pick it back up. I was super happy with how everything turned out and how this book ended!”

“This book hooked me right in the beginning and I did not want to put it down. It was a fun quick read that had me thinking – I need to take more chances to have my life go more the way I want it to, rather than wait around for good things to happen”. Read more about The Train Guy.

Reviews for Goodbye Newsroom:

Cover, Goodbye Newsroom“Gorgeous, engaging read featuring two very relatable and sassy sisters, a highly entertaining plot and warm, generous friendships. Loved it, five stars”.

“I loved this book! The characters are fun and the generation gap makes for some interesting conflicts. The storyline kept my attention without being overly complicated and raises some really interesting questions about the digital and social world we now live in. Overall an easy and entertaining read.”

“The novel is light, but entertaining and the writing is great – it really draws the reader along. The dialogue is spot-on, natural and pacy and the story is well plotted, with well drawn, believable characters. ”

“This was such a fun read! The story moves at a satisfying pace with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and the relationship between the sisters was perfect – a little bit of friction and a whole lot of love.”

“A witty page turner & a perfect holiday read.”

“I quite enjoyed the book, an easy read that touches close personally to me and many current subjects – the world and the challenges of mainstream media, social media community and influencers, career choices in this industry, ethical issues and boundaries that people can face on social channels.” Read more about Goodbye Newsroom.

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