THE RUSH‘ out on 3 May 2023
with Simon & Schuster AU and
with Harper Collins France in 2023

Praise for The Rush

‘Michelle Prak doesn’t give you a minute to catch your breath on this Australian outback rollercoaster. Compelling and explosive.’
Hayley Scrivenor, author of Dirt Town

‘An electrifying outback thriller that’s unlike anything
I’ve read – I couldn’t put it down. The Rush wil.’
Shelley Burr, author of Wake

‘An utterly chilling read with an unexpected twist,
this crime novel is hard to put down.’
Vikki Petraitis, author of The Unbelieved

‘The Rush flips the trope with sudden floods, then piles
on the threats for its women heroes . . . Like a river in
full flood, Michelle Prak’s heart-pounding debut thriller
sweeps the reader along through masterful twists
all the way to its shattering ending.’
Greg Woodland, author of The Night Whistler

‘What a rollercoaster ride . . . I loved it! Michelle Prak
shows outback Australia in all its dangerous glory, a place
to which villains are drawn and where heroes are made.’
Kelli Hawkins, author of Other People’s Houses

‘Taut, unpredictable, terrifying; the uniquely Australian weather and landscape are both joyful and become an unwitting accomplice. Michelle Prak weaves such a suspenseful story that you might never want to be alone or isolated again.’
Neela Janakiramanan, author of The Registrar

‘Great characters and a wicked plot. A haunting road trip through the outback with a terrifying finale. I loved this book.’
Tim Ayliffe, author of The Enemy Within

Early reader reviews

See reviews from Better Reading preview readers. Includes:

‘“The Rush” is a taut thriller that plays on very common fears to create an increasingly unputdownable narrative. I loved it.’

‘This has to be one of the best thrillers I’ve read recently.’

‘Wow! One word, unputdownable.’

‘Oh my goodness. The Rush was a book that I really enjoyed. So much so that I have hopes that it will be made into a movie or a TV miniseries, as it is really a suspenseful story.’

Author photos by:

Kalyn Woodbury.