20 amazing writing podcasts

As a writer, I appreciate listening to podcasts featuring other writers. You might be interested too, especially if you’re an avid reader and you enjoy writers festivals or chats.

Here’s a list you might enjoy checking out. They range from interview-based podcasts with authors, through to podcasts that focus on providing tips and advice on writing and publishing.

Australian writing podcasts

  1. Writers off the Page. “Writer and journalist Chenee Marrapodi sits down with authors, illustrators and creative minds, to find out their tips, tricks and secrets…”

2. Writes 4 Women: “all about celebrating women’s voices and supporting women writers. Every week host Pamela Cook interviews an outstanding female, trans or non-binary author about their books, writing process and life…”

3. Adelaide Writers’ Week: Sessions from Australia’s largest free literary festival, now recorded for you!

4. Words and Nerds: “an entertaining and conversational podcast that aims to get inside a writer’s mind. We discuss books, the social and political influencers of a writer’s work…”

5. Kill Your Darlings: “Interviews, readings and discussions about books, culture and the arts in Australia and beyond …”

6. BAD Sydney: All About Crime

7. 3CR: “Australian and international authors talk about their books and how they got published or how they self-published…”

8. Killer Content: “If you’re always looking for your next thriller or whodunnit, join Emily Webb (writer and co-host of Australian True Crime Podcast) for Killer Content, where she’ll be talking to crime-obsessed authors about how they create their characters, their stories and their crime series”.

9. The Green Room: “chat with a writer about their experiences of the writing and publishing process in honest green-room style”.

A set of hands at a laptop keyboard.

10. James and Ashley Stay at Home: “Through discussions and interviews, they explore the big questions: how do books get written? …”

International writing podcasts

11. Blood Brothers: “Three crime writers talk about all things crime, writing, inspirations and processes, with special guest authors from around the world”.

12. Helping Writers Become Authors: “provides writers help in summoning inspiration, crafting solid characters, outlining and structuring novels, and polishing prose”.

13. The Richard and Judy Book Club: “The UK’s biggest book club”.

14. Between the Covers: Conversations with Writers: “Author interviews with today’s best – and established and up and coming – in fiction, nonfiction and poetry”.

15. Eleventh Hour Podcast: “The Writing University podcast features recordings of illuminative craft talks from the renown writers, novelists, poets and essayists …”

16. Writers Bone: “Aspiring writers, best-selling scribes, and award-winning screenwriters confront existential dread and writing angst!”

And of course, there’s The First Time Podcast, The Garrett, First Draft, and Honest Authors, which I’ve blogged about earlier.

Happy listening!

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