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20 amazing writing podcasts

As a writer, I appreciate listening to podcasts featuring other writers. You might be interested too, especially if you’re an avid reader and you enjoy writers festivals or chats. Here’s a list you might enjoy checking out. They range from interview-based podcasts with authors, through to podcasts that focus on providing tips and advice on…

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English class for 1

I’ve always thought it important that writers read. That sentence may sound like nonsense. Of course writers read, you say? Well, after following writing discussions for many years it’s apparent that there are would-be writers who are reluctant readers. For a variety of reasons (mostly because they don’t want to ‘taint’ their own style), they…

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Prized recognition

2021 has certainly been my year of short stories. I discussed some of the benefits in a previous blog, where I mentioned I was shortlisted in the Furphy Literary Prize. Turns out, my story Holden was runner-up in that prize. A collection of those Furphy stories will be published in an anthology and I’m looking…

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The power of the short

I thought I was finished with short stories. Back in my uni days, short stories were my thing. I read them, I wrote them, I had a few published. More recently, as readers would know, I’ve been focused on writing novels. It’s still my goal to have a full length novel published by a major…

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The Garrett

Official blurb: Love writing? Looking to improve your writing? Or do you just love listening to writers talk about their craft? If yes, The Garret: Writers on Writing is for you. The Garret is a podcast writers for writers about the craft of writing. It is hosted Astrid Edwards, and her goal is to interview…

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Your remote writers festival

I’ve been really excited by the amount of writing chats and book launches that are moving online recently. It’s one of the few benefits of the COVID-19 era, where publishers and writers are using alternative ways to reach us. In many cases, it’s made it easier than ever to connect with the writing world. Essentially,…

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The year of distracted writers

I don’t usually cross-post my podcast reviews and blog posts, but today I have – because there’s a more personal flavour to my latest pod review. Read on … After finally training myself to write regularly, I didn’t think anything could distract me from regular writing. Then, 2020 happened. And being distracted from writing has…

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On Air

I do like wearing a big pair of headphones. I was able to don some on Monday when I was in the ABC Adelaide radio studios, as part of a writers panel on the Peter Goers Evening show. My fellow panellists – Caroline Lower and Chloe Szentpeteri – are also South Australian women writers, and…

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