Adelaide launch party

We're inching ever closer to The Rush being out in the world on 3 May. And I should know, because I'm in the throes of organising the Adelaide launch party! The party's on Wednesday 10 May, 6-8pm. See the details (and register for FREE) at this link: I'm thrilled that friend and fellow writer … Continue reading Adelaide launch party

Announcing: The Rush

I'm very excited to share the news of my debut thriller, The Rush. Please see the official media release from the wonderful Simon & Schuster Australia below: MEDIA RELEASE SIMON & SCHUSTER AUSTRALIA TO PUBLISH AN EXCITING NEW VOICE IN AUSTRALIAN CRIME FICTION Simon & Schuster Australia is thrilled to announce the publication of The … Continue reading Announcing: The Rush

20 amazing writing podcasts

As a writer, I appreciate listening to podcasts featuring other writers. You might be interested too, especially if you’re an avid reader and you enjoy writers festivals or chats. Here’s a list you might enjoy checking out. They range from interview-based podcasts with authors, through to podcasts that focus on providing tips and advice on … Continue reading 20 amazing writing podcasts

What my corporate career taught me about writing

Lately, I've been doing a lot of rewriting. My thriller manuscript was in an editing phase, with plenty of deliberation about word choice. I’ve heard about this stage over the years – reading articles by other writers, listening to writing podcasts and authors at festivals. It’s everything they said would be. Daunting. Hard work. Mind … Continue reading What my corporate career taught me about writing

English class for 1

I’ve always thought it important that writers read. That sentence may sound like nonsense. Of course writers read, you say? Well, after following writing discussions for many years it’s apparent that there are would-be writers who are reluctant readers. For a variety of reasons (mostly because they don’t want to ‘taint’ their own style), they … Continue reading English class for 1