The Garrett

Official blurb: Love writing? Looking to improve your writing? Or do you just love listening to writers talk about their craft? If yes, The Garret: Writers on Writing is for you.

The Garret is a podcast writers for writers about the craft of writing. It is hosted Astrid Edwards, and her goal is to interview the best writers in Australia (and perhaps some from abroad) about how and why they do what they do. From:

The Garrett is one of those writerly podcasts that feels like listening to an interview at a writers’ festival. Each episode, we hear an author talk about their writing journey, their most recent work, and occasionally their perspective on ‘the writing scene’. This isn’t a podcast where writers read snippets of their work.

One of the strengths of The Garrett is its host, Astrid Edwards.

I adore listening to her. She has that remarkable ability to put each guest quickly at ease (and let’s face it, not all writers are super-chatty or comfortable in the spotlight). Astrid asks astute and helpful questions; she never shifts into condescension and is always wonderfully briefed. It’s clear she spends a lot of time reading the work of her author guests, and conducting research into them.

The Garrett’s guests could perhaps be best described as ‘literary’ writers; they’re the A-list, adored by lit mags, winners of awards, recipients of warm reviews in Australian magazines.

The guest list has included: Charlotte Wood, Favel Parrett, Melissa Lucashenko, Trent Dalton, Jane Harper, Kate Mildenhall, Tara June Wench and many, many more.

But be warned: The Garrett has one of those annoying intros which entails numerous people saying ‘The Garrett’ over and over again. I skip it.

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