On Air

I do like wearing a big pair of headphones.

I was able to don some on Monday when I was in the ABC Adelaide radio studios, as part of a writers panel on the Peter Goers Evening show.

My fellow panellists – Caroline Lower and Chloe Szentpeteri – are also South Australian women writers, and each of us are at different stages of our writing.

Our conversation was unscripted and roamed over a few areas (as anyone who was listening may attest).

We were able to talk about why we liked writing. For me, I love reading books, so it was a natural progression to want to write books too. When I’m writing, I feel like I’m inside a new story and it’s satisfying and absorbing to be able to decide on the direction and to develop my characters.

With fellow writers at the ABC Radio Adelaide studio.

We had a chat about writer’s block. I was honest in saying that writer’s block kept me from writing for many years, until I actually Googled ‘how to write a book’ and came across some advice about plotting. That means, these days, I plot out my book – chapter to chapter – and I have a roadmap to follow. Because of that roadmap, I rarely encounter writer’s block.

We compared notes on when we like to write.

I’m a morning person and prefer to be at the keyboard by 8am at the latest. I can write all day, but the afternoon tends to be less productive. Sometimes I have energy to write in the evening. That doesn’t happen much, and when it does it’s usually with my laptop when I’m in bed. I think it’s something to do with the change of scenery. Recently, I tapped out almost 2,000 words on a weeknight in bed.

I hope that Caroline, Chloe and I get another chance to update listeners on our progress in the future. It’s always fantastic to compare notes with other writers, even if a radio audience is listening in the background.