In Bed with Nick and Megan

Official blurb:

“Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman have been a couple for 20 years – 138 years in Hollywood time – and in their brand new podcast they take listeners directly into their bed… because that’s where every episode is recorded – their bed. Cozying up with their famous friends, your favorite couple provide a funny, revealing, and very candid look into their relationship and life at large. In some episodes, they’ll even kick the guest out of bed and get extra personal in what some have called the most searing and rawly sexual conversations ever to burn their way through a voice recorder. Oh, yes. It’s that good. Join Megan and Nick for some serious pillow talk.”  From:

‘In Bed with Nick and Megan’ is another one of Earwolf’s productions, a company with a raft of podcasts with celebrity guests. I like the Earwolf stable (and have previously blogged about The Office Ladies, who also appear as guests on this podcast) but is there something “cheaty” about having celebrities front your podcasts? It’s like having celebrities publish books which go to the top of the bestseller lists: they already have a built-in audience and a leg-up on other authors. (And this pair has also published books – we have a copy of Offerman’s Paddle Your Own Canoe in our house. It’s a hoot, as some might appropriately say).

Having said that, if you’re not a fan of these celebrities you wouldn’t tune in to their podcasts.

Podcast cover: In bed with Nick and Megan
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Mullaly and Offerman have a ton of fans however, both for their separate and combined careers. Mullaly is best known as Karen Walker on Will and Grace.  Offerman is perhaps best known as Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec (one of our family’s favourite TV comedies), although Mullaly pops up here too – eventually playing Swanson’s wife. They both have a lot of other on-screen credits and have also toured stage shows together.

They’re a witty, talented and acerbic couple who also seem quite humble and warm, so it’s no surprise they have a lot of friends. And those friends (wait for the pun) include Bill Hader, Retta and Lisa Kudrow.

This is the main premise of the podcast – to be ‘in bed with’ these friends and shoot the breeze over a wide range of topics. The most common topic however is their acting careers and acting life, which is absolutely fascinating. This means guests like Hader talk about their early breaks, what they learned, their failures, the hard work and also the luck that helped them become successful.

All guests sound supremely relaxed – and why wouldn’t they, with Megan and Nick’s sexy drawling alongside them? (Exception: Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey sound as excited as they do in their own podcast. They sound … caffeinated!)

A bonus is the occasional giggle from Offerman – the same giggle that you may know from seasons of Ron Swanson at his cheeky best.

This is a whole lot of fun:  In Bed with Nick and Megan is highly recommended.