Ya gotta love writing

Fiction writing is a tenuous business, regularly doling out lots of blows to your ego and confidence. Yet I still love it. Back in November, I wrote about my thriller manuscript, in its eighth iteration. It’s now at iteration eleven! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLN5DXdjgkf/ But that’s not all dim (or frustrating) news. The manuscript has had some amazingly … Continue reading Ya gotta love writing

Good ol’ fashioned diary entry

I’ve been pondering what to blog about. Then the thought struck me: why don’t I just give an update on what I’ve been doing? It’s not an original concept by any means, but sometimes in our quest for quirky or startling blog posts, I think it’s overlooked that blogs began as web logs (or personal … Continue reading Good ol’ fashioned diary entry

The dying world of magazines

Many of you would know that Media Queen revolves around the magazine industry in Australia, beginning in the late 90s and into the 2000s. It’s an industry I’ve been following for years and it was no joy to read of the end of many magazines, with  Bauer Media closing down Elle, InStyle, Women's Health, Men's … Continue reading The dying world of magazines

Jordyn Fairweather is here!

My latest book, Media Queen, is out now! Early reviewers have already been giving it 5 stars, so I'm very excited about that kind reception. I want to tell you a bit about the main character, Jordyn Fairweather. She's not your typical sweetheart heroine - she's selfish, pushy and uses everyone around her, even her … Continue reading Jordyn Fairweather is here!

Your remote writers festival

I’ve been really excited by the amount of writing chats and book launches that are moving online recently. It’s one of the few benefits of the COVID-19 era, where publishers and writers are using alternative ways to reach us. In many cases, it’s made it easier than ever to connect with the writing world. Essentially, … Continue reading Your remote writers festival

The year of distracted writers

I don't usually cross-post my podcast reviews and blog posts, but today I have - because there's a more personal flavour to my latest pod review. Read on ... After finally training myself to write regularly, I didn’t think anything could distract me from regular writing. Then, 2020 happened. And being distracted from writing has … Continue reading The year of distracted writers

Get rid of SOME stuff

There are a lot of advantages to having a professional editor. They ‘clean up’ an author’s writing, make structural suggestions and point out holes in stories. As a newbie indie writer, I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I began working with my editor Laura. In the end, I was ecstatic with the results … Continue reading Get rid of SOME stuff

My review of reviews

As an avid reader and long-time user of Goodreads, I’ve rated plenty of novels and occasionally I write a short review. As an author, I’ve listened to other authors’ advice to “ignore the reviews” or “don’t sweat the reviews” (in a similar vein to the digital news advice of “don’t read the comments”). Negative reviews … Continue reading My review of reviews