Chat 10 Looks 3

Official blurb:

“A peripatetic podcast in which Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb discuss what they’re reading, watching, cooking, listening to or irrationally exhilarated by.

One of them likes show tunes and is a monster who chucks books once she’s read them. The other one wrote this.” [from the official Chat 10 Looks 3 website].

I’ll save you some time: I looked up the meaning of ‘peripatetic’ and, essentially, it describes something that ‘travels’, that moves from place to place from time to time, or is somewhat itinerant. There.

Chat 10 Looks 3 podcast graphic

Graphic from official website, and by

It makes sense in the description for Chat 10 Looks 3, because the two journalists who feature in this podcast often record it in different locations, depending on the travel they need to undertake for their busy professional lives. They also record live podcasts around Australia. I’ve been to two live Chat 10 shows in Adelaide, one at Her Majesty’s Theatre and the other at the Adelaide Town Hall. I’m also a member of the podcast’s hugely popular Facebook Group – which really is worthy of another review in its own right. It’s the most friendly, eclectic, creative, supportive and buzzing online community you could imagine, with more than 37,000 members. But you can read more about that in the brilliant ‘Cult of Kindness‘ article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald last year.

Now .. to the podcast review!

Chat 10 has that magical podcast ingredient: two friends, who really dig each other.

Leigh Sales (host of ABC TV’s 730) and Annabel Crabb (host of a gazillion ABC TV things), discuss what they’re reading, the TV and movies they’ve recently watched, other podcasts they listen to and also share recipes. I’m a huge fan of the books / TV / movie chat, not so much the cooking (I’m really not a baking person).

Plugging into this podcast is like sitting in on the best book club in the world, with all the benefits of being able to pause it wherever you like. Over time, of course, listeners get to know our hosts’ personalities and fall in love with their quirks, the in-jokes, and how they riff off each other.

I’ve recommended this to so many friends over the years, now it’s time to HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to you.