Blood Brothers

The official blurb: Three crime writers talk all things crime, writing, inspirations and process, with special guest authors. From the iTunes listing.

Blood Brothers Podcast is my latest podcast obsession and I’m enjoying listening to the back catalogue. It’s steered by crime writers Sean Coleman, Rob Parker and Chris McDonald, based in England.

Each hour-long episode features a different crime writer, usually discussing their latest book but also sharing their ‘journey to publication’. Occasionally there’s a non-author guest from the publishing world, such as Miranda Jewess, publisher at Viper (Episode 66). So it’s the perfect mix for wannabe writers and fans of the crime genre.

Blood Brothers podcast on iTunes

The conversations don’t always focus on the authors’ successes and accolades. They delve into writers’ rejections and challenges, too. I always marvel at the perseverance of writers, and this podcast is testimony to believing in your stories even when so many others apparently don’t!

My favourite episode so far is Episode 20 with Gillian McAllister. McAllister talks in great detail about her first pitches, agents, auctions, writing process and more – and she’s funny and disarming.

Big name guests include Ann Cleeves, Mark Billingham and Linwood Barclay.

The episode that I’m looking forward to listening to features BA Paris, who has an extraordinary catalogue of thrillers.

The overall tone of the podcast is relaxed, with a lot of laughs, yet the hosts are able to cut to the chase with incisive questions. The team has kicked off the Blood Brother’s Book Of The Year on its Twitter account, and is starting to narrow down 2021’s frontrunners – a great source for new crime reads!