Goodbye Newsroom

Michelle Prak’s debut novel:

When reporter Anna is sacked from the newsroom, she limps home for sympathy from her sister and housemate, Holly. But she discovers that Holly is jobless too, after resigning from the Fairweather Report, a celebrated women’s website.

Now, Holly has grand plans for starting her own online media empire, and she insists that Anna joins her.

Cover, Goodbye Newsroom

Anna’s first task? She’s whisked away to an influencer tour of Uruguay. It’s scary stuff for a reporter who barely knows the difference between hashtags and HTML, but at least handsome Donovan is there to help.

Life becomes even trickier when Holly publishes Anna’s romantic adventures on their fledgling website. The sisters become an online sensation, but Anna is furious that her private life is being used for clicks.

Will the sisters stick together and make a living in this new media world? Or will Anna return to a newsroom again?

If you love career stories with a dash of romance and laughs, you’ll adore Goodbye Newsroom, a modern ode to self-made young women whose greatest tools are their smartphones.

Goodreads reviews:

“Gorgeous, engaging read featuring two very relatable and sassy sisters, a highly entertaining plot and warm, generous friendships. Loved it, five stars”.

“The novel is light, but entertaining and the writing is great – it really draws the reader along. The dialogue is spot-on, natural and pacy and the story is well plotted, with well drawn, believable characters. ”

“This was such a fun read! The story moves at a satisfying pace with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and the relationship between the sisters was perfect – a little bit of friction and a whole lot of love.”

“A witty page turner & a perfect holiday read.”

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