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Order Michelle Prak’s novels, direct

Would you like to buy my novels direct from me, the indie author?

If you don’t mind my rudimentary wrapping skills, I’d be delighted to mail you my paperbacks direct. I can’t guarantee how swift the delivery will be, but you’ll get a personally signed copy, and the knowledge that you’re supporting a self-published author! [In-Australia purchases only]


Media Queen: $14.99 plus $9.20 postage (HollyAnna 1)
The Train Guy: $12.99 plus $9.20 postage
Goodbye Newsroom: $12.99 plus $9.20 postage (HollyAnna 2)

How to order
Please email the title of the book(s) you’d like to purchase, along with your postal address, to:

I’ll send you a return email with online payment information. Thank you for your support.

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