From 2019 to 2020, Michelle Prak self-published three fun women’s contemporary novels …

Media Queen

The highly-anticipated second book in the HollyAnna series. Dive into the media again – only this time, it’s the magazine world of the 90s and 2000s. The era of glossy magazines, cover model competitions and ‘dear doctor’ columns. This women’s contemporary novel is fast-paced and fun. Don’t miss this story of Jordyn Fairweather – who might just be the most ambitious character you’ll ever meet. Read more.

Media Queen book cover by Michelle Prak

The Train Guy

This quirky romantic-suspense will have you rushing through the pages as you follow Charli’s addictive infatuation with The Train Guy. Who is he – and how can this intensely shy girl meet him? Read more.

The Train Guy book cover



Goodbye Newsroom

The feelgood story about two very different journalist sisters who set up their own media empire. Goodbye Newsroom is the first in the HollyAnna series. Read More

Cover, Goodbye Newsroom