Jordyn Fairweather is here!

My latest book, Media Queen, is out now!

Early reviewers have already been giving it 5 stars, so I’m very excited about that kind reception.

I want to tell you a bit about the main character, Jordyn Fairweather. She’s not your typical sweetheart heroine – she’s selfish, pushy and uses everyone around her, even her so-called best friends.

So why would you read about her? Why did I write about her? Because Jordyn is addictive!

She’s high-energy, she has a lot of ideas and goals, and she works really hard. Jordyn isn’t lazy, she knows how to motivate herself and, ultimately, she does look out for others. We have all known someone like Jordyn.

The story begins with Jordyn as a magazine-obsessed teenager in the 90s. I enjoyed writing about her rise to the top because it reminded me very much of the Jackie Collins novels I read as a teen! (With less of the sex and crime). I wanted to position Jordyn as somewhat of a Hollywood diva who always has her eyes on the prize.

Jordyn grows up in a fictional New South Wales town called Beddo, where she has a work experience stint at the local newspaper. In this way, she follows some of my personal experiences.

I grew up in a regional town (Whyalla) and had work experience at both the local newspaper and TV station. I went on to study journalism at uni. In a future blog I’ll write more about how my newsroom experience is echoed by Jordyn’s…

Jordyn first emerged in Goodbye Newsroom as Holly’s ‘horrible boss’, but you don’t need to have read that novel to appreciate and understand Media Queen. Again, early reviewers and book bloggers have said this – Media Queen is a standalone novel. But if you’d like to go back and read (or re-read Goodbye Newsroom) you are, of course, very welcome! Available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback; and coming soon to Dymocks Adelaide.



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