Get rid of SOME stuff

There are a lot of advantages to having a professional editor. They ‘clean up’ an author’s writing, make structural suggestions and point out holes in stories.

As a newbie indie writer, I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I began working with my editor Laura. In the end, I was ecstatic with the results – the versions of my manuscripts sent back to me, the corrections, the detailed feedback, the encouragement and advice.

One of the things that stuck with me, was when Laura pointed out redundant words in my work.

Pretty erasers and pencils

The big culprit: SOME. I was throwing some “some” into too many pages! (See what I did there?)

For example, instead of writing “She craved food” I’d write “She craved some food”. Or instead of “it’s time for wine” I’d write “it was time for some wine”. (I am writing this pre-dinner, can you tell?)

I’ve been on the look-out for this and other repetitive, unnecessary words in my work.

When it comes to describing how characters look, I used “high, sleek ponytail” at least three times in one manuscript! Clearly, that was the only type of ponytail I could imagine. And in earlier version of Goodbye Newsroom, a lot of people were wearing a flannel shirt.

Clearly, my hair + make-up vocabulary is limited. That’s why I often use Google Images when I’m writing a rom-com.

So while others authors may research police techniques, Spanish history or the vernacular used in 1950s London, I’m Googling “sparkly red dress” or “types of high heels” or “handbag trends”.

It helps! See below >>

Different types of heels for women: a chart
Image from:


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