Let me read you a story …

I’m counting down to the 20 August launch party for Goodbye Newsroom.

It’s going to be a wonderful celebration, with friends, family, readers and supporters in the room.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of public speaking, but nothing like this. Usually, I am addressing a classroom of students or delivering a speech on PR or taking part in a panel on a radio show.

Champagne bottle

But for this event, I’ll be reading a short extract from Goodbye Newsroom.

I haven’t read my own creative writing aloud since primary school. I haven’t read fiction aloud since high school, when we all had to take turns reading from the mandatory texts.

So this will be a very different experience for me. It’s all very well creating the characters of Anna and Holly, and the world they live in – but now I have to read some of those sentences to a (hopefully) attentive audience?

I’m giggling at the thought of putting on different voices for Anna and Holly – if indeed I do read some dialogue. Can you imagine?

Most of all, I’m musing over what passage to read. There’s a lot of factors in play:

  • what might interest or entertain the live audience?
  • what might help the book sell?
  • what parts of the book make sense as small stand-alones?

There’s still time to RSVP and come along. The venue is the fantastic Dymocks Adelaide bookstore in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Please register at the Eventbrite page. I’d really like to see you there!


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