Second novels + Sequels

I’m in a very happy and excited stage of writing right now. There’s a lot to share!

Number one: I’ve finished a second novel, and have sent it to a small group of Beta readers for their early feedback.

This is a story that’s apart from Goodbye Newsroom, with completely different characters and a new first-person style. It’s still a romantic comedy but has a hint of suspense in it, too.

I absolutely loved writing it and can’t wait to pass it onto my wonderful editor, Laura Boon. I will also be briefing my cover designer soon – the cover is going to be amazing!

Number two: while I know a lot of you haven’t read #GoodbyeNewsroom yet, and are waiting for the print version (thank you), I have been plotting out its sequel for the past three days.

The sequel is already coming in at a whopping 85 (or so) chapters. This compares to Goodbye Newsroom’s 62 chapters.

I’d love to share insights into the story with you now (because I’m so excited) but it’s probably too dangerous – there would be spoilers for both books, and the sequel is still open to change!

In the meantime, I will share a tiny clue via image >>


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