Making it happen

In a lot of ways, I’m similar to Holly – one of the main characters in Goodbye Newsroom.

Holly decides to make her own way: she creates her own business, uses her skills, and listens to that urge to be her own boss.

I’ve wanted to be a novelist for a long time. I’ve been writing for a long time. But there are many routes to be published: and for some, that means DIY, aka self-publishing.

Like Holly, I can be impatient when following others. I get a kick out of deciding what will happen, when. And I like to build my own elements (like this website) and be in charge of my own promotion. For me, another reason not to stick with traditional publishing, was the time that it can take to get a book to market. This can be years (and years). I just can’t wait to get Holly and Anna, in Goodbye Newsroom, out into the world! So I’m going it alone.

Well, not completely alone. I’ve enlisted the help of some wonderful professionals – from the first manuscript assessor, to the copy editor, to the designer of the gorgeous cover of Goodbye Newsroom. That’s been another element I’ve enjoyed: finding and hiring talented people that I want to work with.

Finally, like Holly, I don’t mind sharing my own story. That’s what this blog is about. It won’t always be coherent, it won’t always be seamless, but I hope you enjoy some of the tales I’ll tell here. Most of all, I hope you’ll purchase and enjoy Goodbye Newsroom!



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